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Workforce Sustainability Program

The idea is simple:

When your workers thrive, your business grows.

Resource Navigation is a new class of employee benefit that connects workers with personalized resources and ongoing support so life challenges don't keep them from bringing their best selves to work.

The Sustainable Workforce Model minimizes work disruptions, decreases absenteeism, improves workers’ financial stability, and ultimately increases employee retention and engagement by offering personalized, immediate, and human-to-human assistance when workers need it most.

There is no cost to join us, but pre-registration is required. Registration is limited.


Cascade Engineering embarked on an effort to implement a program with the express purpose of helping their workers.

Since executing this program, the company has recognized both tangible and intangible benefits such as

  • reduced employee turnover,
  • improved employee practices and
  • an increase in employee pride

Join Bristol’s Promise, United Way of Bristol TN/VA, The Robinette Company and Bristol Chamber of Commerce as we hear from Cascade Engineering Director of Talent Management, David Barrett, about how a workforce sustainability program increased their bottom line and made them an “Employer of Choice” in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Healthy People Make Profitable Companies

Every employee worrying about money at work costs you three weeks productivity a year. High turnover is a huge annual expense. You gain a competitive advantage by boosting frontline employee engagement and retention.

We can help.

Our employer partners are invested in supporting their employees so they stay longer, are happier, and feel more engaged at work. They know that helping their employees address challenges outside of work makes them better employees at work. Our employer network believes in the importance of a strong company culture, a healthy workforce, and a thriving community for their business to grow.

Current Workforce Partners

The Robinette Company

Welcome to The Robinette Company and thank you for being a leader in workforce sustainability in our area!

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