Five Promises

Do you provide all five promises?

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The Five Promises

Research shows that if the Five Promises, as defined by America’s Promise, are consistently fulfilled, they can significantly advance the health and well-being of the next generation – increasing the chances of youth becoming successful adults.

Ongoing relationships with caring adults — parents, mentors, tutors or coaches — offer youth support, care and guidance.

Safe places with structured activities during nonschool hours provide both physical and emotional safety for youth.

3. A Healthy Start

Adequate nutrition, exercise, and health care pave the way for healthy bodies, healthy minds, and smart habits for adulthood.

4. Marketable Skills

Marketable skills through effective education help youth navigate the transition from school to work successfully.

5. Opportunities to Serve

Opportunities to give back through community service enhance self-esteem, boost confidence and heighten a sense of responsibility to the community.