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posted Jan 24, 2013, 2:30 PM by BP Admin
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Guard Your Laptops, Desktops, and Servers
Guard Your Laptops, Desktops, and Servers
Secure donor, client, and project information across your entire network with Symantec's Endpoint Protection,Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition, and Protection Suite Small Business Edition. These enterprise-level programs guard against botnets, viruses, worms, Trojan horses, rootkits, spam, and spyware. Plus, they take you one step further with email security and firewalls to block phishing, adware, and intrusion. Learn more.
We've Removed Budget Restrictions for Shopify
We've Removed Budget Restrictions for Shopify
Shopify is open to all organization types and now to all budgets, too. A Shopify store is a great fundraising tool for nonprofits that sell branded merchandise, arts, or crafts; for libraries that run book sales; and for much more. Plus: setup is simple. Shopify includes 100 templates. It lets you easily manage inventory and content and accept secure online payments. Learn more.
Get Creative with Adobe CS6
Get Creative with Adobe CS6
Meet all of your organization's creative needs with the latest Adobe products. Adobe's Creative Suites — Design & Web Premium and Production Premium— and individual products are now available in version 6. Design powerful print collateral and bring greater visibility to your organization with Photoshop and InDesign; create video accounts of your successes with Premier Pro; and develop high-quality images for print, web, or mobile devices with Illustrator. Learn more.
Reduced Admin Fees on Special Offers
Donated Seagate Hard Drives
Donated Seagate Hard Drives
Eligible organizations may now request up to 20 Cheetah and 30 Savvio donated Seagate hard drives through TechSoup. The Seagate Cheetah (admin fee: $60$30) offers 300 GB of storage, while theSeagate Savvio (admin fee: $36 $25) offers 73 GB of storage. These are internal hard drives for servers and engineering workstations. They are great for backing up server data and organizational records, storing large files, and transferring files to another computer. 

QuickBooks Premier 2011
QuickBooks Premier 2011
TechSoup Limited has reduced administrative fees by 30 percent on 3-user 2011 editions of Intuit QuickBooks Premier. QuickBooks 2011 (admin fee:$65 $46) assists in paying bills and tracking expenses and payments. This is a great way to add licenses to an existing QuickBooks account. 

Reduced Admin Fees on Special Offers
Stock Up on Symantec
We've reduced admin fees on 2011 versions of Norton desktop security products in TechSoup Limited. Both donations — Norton AntiVirus (admin fee: $32 $22) and Norton Internet Security (admin fee: $48 $28) — include 20 single-user boxed installation disks. 

Your organization can request donations from multiple programs, all at one time. Learn more.
2013 Tech Trends
TechSoup's Nonprofit Tech Forecasts for 2013 view IT trends from all over the globe through the distinct lens of nonprofits, charities, and libraries. 

Innovative Programs
Inspired by a tweet from Lee Rainie (Director ofPew Internet Project), check out our great list of services from which libraries can learn. 

Cloud-Based CRM
Nearly all nonprofits need to track their data on grants, donors, and other important topics. And having access to that information anywhere is a major benefit of a cloud-hosted CRM. 

Network Your Nonprofit
With a network, your staff can share resources and stay connected. We'll explain why developing a network and choosing a server doesn't have to be daunting.
Jumpstart Your Grantseeking
Feb. 5 (11 a.m. PT)
Get ready for our February 11, 2013 promotion by learning how GrantStation's tools can help you identify the right grantmaker for any program or project. 

Basic PC Troubleshooting
Feb. 12 (11 a.m. PT)
Does your library or nonprofit provide computers for the public? This free webinar will introduce you to tips and techniques to help you understand and fix common problems. 

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