About Us

A little history and overview...
Bristol's Promise had its beginnings in a group called the Youth Networking Alliance. This "alliance" of community members, who were committed to network together to better serve Bristol youth, met regularly at the Bristol United Way office since 1998. Spearheaded by Police Deputy Chief Mike Yaniero and Councilwoman Margaret Feierabend, the Bristol Youth Networking Alliance served as a vehicle for agencies to pull together, sharing ideas and resources, to meet the growing needs of Bristol youth.

In the spring of 2001, King College, a Youth Networking Alliance participant, received the designation as a "College of Promise" because of initiatives in all Five Promise areas of America's Promise. With the Youth Networking Alliance already in place, and King College's experience as a model, an application for Bristol to be designated a "Community of Promise" was submitted to the national office of America's Promise in the fall of 2001. 

The Youth Networking Alliance participants were key, compiling information about all their youth initiatives in each of the Five Promise areas. With the help of Bristol Youth Leadership, a program of the Bristol Chamber of Commerce, data was collected to complete the application. Letters of support were provided by both Bristol City Councils as well as both Bristol City school systems, offering foundational support on both sides of the state line. 

In November 2001, a community wide meeting was held at the United Way, with special guest, Richard Wells from the national America's Promise office. In addition to raising the awareness regarding America's Promise in our region, our application was submitted. Shortly thereafter, Bristol was notified of our designation as a "Community of Promise".

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